About our companies

Within the ALTAIR GROUP there are companies providing financial services, legal advice services, management and rental of real estate, outsourcing of IT professionals and mainly modern IT services.

Altair Software s.r.o.

Mobile apps, electronic information boards, ERP systems, documents management systems, website development and complex IT solutions.

Altair Finance s.r.o.

Financial advice. Let us to process complete accounting and financial statements.

Altair Estate s.r.o.

The company specializes in selling and renting a wide range of real estate, long term rental cars and computer equipment.

Altair Services s.r.o.

We focusing on information technology services, custom development, lease of individual specialists and teams, multiple IT management services, purchases and development of IT solutions. We begin where your specialists ends.

Altair Cuzak s.r.o.

CUZAK system for tender digitalization for easy creating and tender management. Prepare tenders quickly and easily.

Altair Digital s.r.o.